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Holiday Studio Time Sell Off!

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Starting on Monday December 15th, we’re having our annual Holiday Studio Time Sell Off. Here’s how it works:
Let us know what you want to record, and what you can afford. Standard hourly rates won’t apply. Make us an offer!
This only comes around once a year, so don’t miss out on the best professional recording deal [...]

The Done Me Wrongs

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Earlier this week we traveled to the Niagara region to lend Freddy Gabrsek a hand recording The Done Me Wrongs, on location at the Shaw Festival.

This is the second record that Freddy is producing for this unique ensemble who mix elements of Country, Bluegrass, and Rockabilly. The band members shown in the photos above [...]

Tracking Drums With Mike Naylor And Brian Doerner

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Brian Doerner tracking drums for Mike Naylor’s upcoming album.

Brian Doerner of SAGA was at Euphonic Sound to track drums on Mike Naylor’s debut album. It’s no small feat that Brian managed to pull off the technical nature of Mike’s arrangements. As many of Mike’s songs are fast paced and intricate.
Mike’s music is influenced by bands [...]

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