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Studio 2.0 Artist DaBute’s Video Channel Goes Live

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by Duke
Studio 2.0 artist DaBute’s YouTube Channel is up & running with the 5 songs from upcoming debut EP “Vol.1: Hear Me Out.”
We recently wrapped up with DaBute, and fans of Island or Caribbean music absolutely need to check out what was produced over the last 6 months. The official DaBute website is in the [...]

Euphonic Sound Hits the Town

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Companano Emma here!

See these horns? They mean business. Oh yes my friends, the deranged man pictured above is the one and only Mike McLeod of Volition Aire. Remember them? They recorded their 5 song ep with us a little while ago, and they are doin’ pretty good (if you were wondering, and you absolutely were!).

We [...]

What is Studio 2.0? And who’s this Chadwick guy?

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Shawn Daley here with an update for all you indie musicians out on the beat.
During the last three extremely busy months, we’ve had dozens of independent recording artists from Toronto flocking to Euphonic Sound seeking this “Studio 2.0” thing they’ve been hearing about. There are plenty of ways to explain what Studio 2.0 is. In [...]

Music Is The Answer

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Companaro Emma here!
This past Wednesday night, the Euphonic Crew headed out to Harlem Restaurant on Richmond to see our boy and yours, TroNic.

This wasn’t just your average open mic night though. Harlem is doing this really cool thing- you know how immediately following some sort of catastrophe, everybody and their monkey’s uncle is doing a [...]

Join us at Guitar Wars

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The Euphonic Sound crew will be at Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto, sponsoring & judging the second annual Guitar Wars. Here are the dates:
Sat, April 10
Fri, April 16
Fri, April 23
Sat, April 24
Fri, May 14
Fri, May 28
Fri, June 04
Sat, June 05
Please join us on any or all of these dates! Check out up and coming indie [...]

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