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Another Exciting Day of Euphonic-ness

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Companero Jack here, switching from my standard realm of Studio Manifesto to contribute to the Euphonic blog because it has been feeling a little neglected.
Here’s a picture of me, gangsta as all hell, wearing a hat that was donated to us from Flow 93.5. You can’t really tell, but the stitching is pink, so, yeah… [...]

What a Fine Young Man

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Companara Emma here,

I’m glad you have been reading this blog, because I won’t have to explain to you what Unity Charity is, or what our affiliation is with them, because you already know….right? Well for those of you who arn’t so much in the know, the good people here at Euphonic Sound are organizing a [...]

He Was a Teenage Beatboxer….

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Companaro Emma here once again!
Now, you know by now that we here at Euphonic Sound are pretty lucky to work with a diverse array of artists. But I’m writing a post about a completely new type of musician.

We have been hard at work with our charity hip-hop event United In Flow, and things are rolling [...]

A Visit From the Daily Times

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Companaro Emma here.
As per usual, it has been a pretty busy weekend for us here at Euphonic Sound. Yesterday we were lucky enough to be graced by the presence of “The Daily Times” a self proclaimed DIY punk band from the area.

Right from the get go, I was pumped, and I’ll tell you why. [...]

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