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Stalker’s Waltz… Andy follows Tea & Coffee in Toronto

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One of the best perks about working in a recording studio is seeing free live shows. Audio engineers spend all this time sitting in an enclosed environment fine tuning songs, that it’s just a breathe of fresh air to hear a band perform them live. For most bands, it’s a more comfortable setting and after [...]

Behind the Scenes With Andrea

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Things have been hectic (in a good way) in the Euphonic Sound universe. With one United in Flow audition day down and another one on the way it is easy to forget about what else goes on around here. What you may not know is that quietly in the shadows James has been working on [...]


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Hola digital world! Comparara Emma here!
I am being vewy vewy quiet right now. No I’m not sick and I  havn’t had my jaw wired shut. I am being quiet because today, in our very own studio, we have an indie film shoot going on!

The guys you see on the floor are from 3rd law productions. [...]

Open Audition Day @ Euphonic Sound

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Companero Shawn here,
If you’re a regular reader of anything Euphonic-related, you’re probably pretty familiar with a little event we’re putting together called United in Flow.
On Saturday July 10th, we opened up the studio for all of Toronto’s indie hop-hop artists to come down and audition for United In Flow. We called it Open Audition Day, [...]

MB4A Digital Music Event

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Companara Emma here ya’ll!
I’m taking a small break from United In Flow to tell you some more exciting news from Euphonic Sound! This week our good friend Terry Kerr of Music Business for Artists is holding a Digital Music Event. Guess who is on the panel? The one and only James Pew. You know, that [...]

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