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Andrea Gauster CD Release

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This past Thursday night the Euphonic Crew wrapped up the summer of Andrea Gauster at her CD release show at Supermarket in Kensington Market.

We are all smiles because the show was fantastic. She played an amazing set, accompanied by Adam Campbell.
The set design was done by Jenna Wood and Sean Sirianni, they may [...]

Stalker’s Waltz… Andy follows Tea & Coffee in Toronto

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One of the best perks about working in a recording studio is seeing free live shows. Audio engineers spend all this time sitting in an enclosed environment fine tuning songs, that it’s just a breathe of fresh air to hear a band perform them live. For most bands, it’s a more comfortable setting and after [...]

Sleep is like the Unicorn….

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“It is rumored to exist, but I doubt that I will see any” I can’t say that this EXACT phrase was running through the mind of companero Jenna on the night of Saturday, the 12th of June…but I am sure it isn’t too far off.

Companero Emma here, and let me tell you something about the [...]

Tracking For Andrea Gausters New EP

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After releasing her first EP “Reverie” on July 6th, Andrea Gauster is back in the studio working on a new untitled EP. Once again, James Pew will be producing the project with Andrea. Production has wrapped for the drum and percussion tracks, played by Adam Campbell on the Euphonic Sound house drum kit (recently restored [...]

Andrea Gauster’s “Reverie”

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Broken Window Records artist Andrea Gauster’s EP “Reverie” is being released on July 6th at The Supermarket (Kensington Market, Toronto). She will be playing “Reverie” in it’s entirety as well as new and previously unreleased material.

Visit Andrea Gauster’s Broken Window Records page to hear the entire album, and to check out a four part interview [...]

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