Digital Recording Systems:

Mac Pro with Dual 24 bit RME sound cards and 23-inch monitor. Running Logic Studio 8, Soundtrax, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, Wordpress. All the best plug-ins, softsynths, and sample libraries.


Soundcraft Series 800 – vintage British analog


Three Origin Audio OA-2B compressors. Hi-fi version of the classic vintage LA-2A optical tube compressor.

Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor.

Mic preamps:

The Origin Audio Fatboy 8-channel tube mic preamp. Class A, discrete, transformer coupled vintage analog design.

The Origin Audio VP1 – Tube stereo mic pres. Class A, discrete, transformer coupled classic American analog design.

Origin Audio CX7 stereo mic pres. Analog class A mic preamp based on vintage analog design and utilizing Lundahl audio transformers.

Origin Audio Cx7 Jensen stereo mic pres. Analog class A mic preamp based on vintage analog design and utilizing Jensen audio transformers.

Vintage 16 channel analog mixing Bi-amp mixing board with modification and component upgrade by Origin Audio. 16 discrete analog mic pres and eqs.


Stereo matched pair of Origin Audio G7 tube microphones inspired by vintage German design.

Stereo matched pair of Josephson C 42s.

Telefunken M series tube microphone.

Audio Technica 40-50 condenser microphone.

AKG 535 condenser microphone.

Bunch of SM-57s & 58s.

External Effects:

BBE Sonic Maximizer

Guitars, amps, and effects:

Fender Telecaster

Seagull acoustic.

Fender Squire electric bass.

1965 class A Gibson tube amp.

Class A Fender Champ.

Lero tube amp.

Ultimate Attenuator.

Rocktron Juice Extractor.

RC Booster.

Peterson strobe tuner.

Variety of Boss effects,

Variety of DOD, Morley, Danelectro, and Line 6 effects

Keyboards and Midi:

Roland PC-70 controller.

Alesis DM-5 with assorted Pintech trigger modules.

Studio Monitors:

Yamaha NS-10.

Reference Amplifiers:

Pair of Quad 50-E class A mono blocks.

Alesis RA-100 reference amplifier.

OZ Audio HR-4 headphone amplifier.


Sennheiser HD-25.

Pair of Sennheiser eH 150 .

Apex HP90.