Hey internet! Companero Phil here with some updates on our Studio 2.0 artist Chadwick!


Our boy has been recording and recording for the last few months, and man does he love being at the studio. He is the epitome of what a Studio 2.0 artist is. He is learning what it takes to be an independent musician, and musically, he continues to wow us with his growth. His flow is strong and his lyrics are stronger! The songs are turning out amazing, and we’re all really looking forward to the release of his 5 song EP in a few months.

In the meantime, Chadwick put up a promotional track on his ReverbNation artists page “My Position While I’m Spittin’”, with shoutouts to your very own Euphonic Sound crew! We’re all stoked about it, the song turned out amazingly, and we all get to hear our own names down on tape! Woot!

Check out this video of Chadwick in the studio recording “My Position While I’m Spitting”- make sure to pay close attention and you will notice our surprised reactions to hearing our names in a verse!

Chadwick is another one of our artists participating in our charity event United In Flow. He laid his verse down and people seemed to like it, because he currently holds second position! You’re most likely going to see him at the event, and on the mix-tape, so be sure to be there to see his flow in live action.

Here’s his audition:

Chadwick’s website is launching this month, and it’s going to look amazing. I’ve seen the logos and our graphic design team really outdid themselves on this one!

In the meantime you can check Chadwick at:


And don’t forget to check out and like his Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more updates on Chadwick and fellow Studio 2.0 artists!