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Vocal, Guitar and Music Theory Lessons

Want to have an amazingly fun and educational music experience?

Sign up for music lessons at Euphonic Sound and receive one free hour of studio time per month (or a free music lesson. Whichever you choose).

Vocal Lessons are taught by Nicole Faye
Nicole is a highly called upon professional performance and studio vocalist. She has performed for audiences across North America including several solo and group performance broadcast on live national television. Nicole is equally at home singing in the spotlight for thousands of admirers, or behind the scenes in the studio adding back ground harmony touches to recordings, or coaching other singers to realize their full vocal potential.

Guitar and Theory Lessons are taught by James Pew
James is a studio musician, producer, arranger and engineer. James has added his guitar and musical arrangements (strings, horns, vocal harmonies) to hundreds of recordings since Euphonic Sound opened for business in 2004. James has always been involved in teaching and developing artists, as well as teaching engineering students in the recording arts. Some of James students receive the benefits of all of James skills by taking lessons in Music Approach and Production. Weather you want to improve your guitar playing, learn the ins and outs of being a studio musician, improve your theory knowledge or even learn how to set up microphones or mix a song, James has a wealth of experience in these areas.

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