UPDATE: Alan Cross likes “I’m Awesome”

Photo by Eric Zaworski

Influential Toronto MC Teams Up With Toronto Music Innovators, including Jazzmatazz Horn Player, to Make A Rebellious New Genre-Defying Party Anthem

Listen to “I’m Awesome”

“I’m Awesome” will smash your expectations of hip hop in 2012. This epic song features Mindbender’s unprecedented lyricism, complemented by James Pew (producer), Brownman (award-winning trumpeter of Guru’s Jazzmatazz), and Adam Campbell (member of critically-acclaimed percussion orchestra Torq). The sum of these elements culminate into a song that can succinctly be described by its simple but bold title: AWESOME. This energetic first track is the official introduction to Mindbender’s upcoming Euphonic Sound project, “The Neverending Kiss”.

After spending the last few months teaching music to children and travelling to both Ghana and Jamaica, Mindbender returns to the modern music scene with a vengeance. Poised to be one of the next big things in new millenium Canadian hip hop, Mindbender Supreme has entered unprecedented creative territory with the creation of “I’m Awesome”. Bringing completely new sounds, flows, and content to the culture in 2012, similarly heard on past projects such as Jupiter, entirely produced by Rich Kidd (Raekwon, Busta Rhymes, Jay Electronica, Saukrates, etc.), and Illusion World, the following companion piece conceptual mixtape, the saga of Mindbender Supreme continues.

Listen now to “I’m Awesome” and witness the next chapter of Mindbender Supreme, as he inspires his sophisticated and diverse audience in 2012 and beyond.