A Hammond B3 and Leslie has landed at Euphonic Sound

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Hammond B3 & Leslie

A Hammond B3 and Leslie has landed at Euphonic Sound. It is set up in our live room and ready to record anytime. Its a beauty! The real deal! An incredibly smooth classic sounding organ!!

The organ is here for the use of organ players who are familiar with the mechanics of the instrument. A rental fee of $25 applies.

If you are not an familiar with the mechanical aspects of the organ but wish to include it as a part of your recording a number of pro B3 players can be called in for a session to record organ parts for your music. As always, contact the studio so we can arrange for your session musicians ahead of time.

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Kevin LaValley – Album Preview

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Everytime smaller promo pic 4 2015

Kevin “Tha Hooch” LaValley is a First Nations artist. He is a singer and rapper who blends a 90s rock sound with a modern singer/songwriter sensibility. His style is a unique blend of musical worlds distilled through a charismatic personal touch .

Please have a listen to Unspoken the title track of Kevin “Tha Hooch” LaValley’s upcoming full length album produced by James Pew.
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Nicole Faye – Vocal Specialist

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Nicole Faye is Euphonic Sound’s resident vocal specialist. From live performance to singing features and harmony vocals in the studio, to vocal coaching, to vocal production. Nicole is all about vocals!! Contact the studio to find out how Nicole can help with your vocal development.

Checkout our Learning page to learn more about vocal and music lessons at Euphonic Sound.

Nicole works closely with James developing artists through their production and artist development packages.

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Cherina and Davina New Song Preview

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Urbnet artists Cherina and Davina have not officially released “Hiding Out,” but they have allowed producer James Pew to post the track to his Sound Cloud. There are many more tracks that Cherina and Davina (and James) have in the works. But here is a sneak peak at a great tune from Cherina and Davina.
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Production Packages with James Pew

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Lets make 2016 count! If you are a uniquely gifted and motivated recording artist looking to develop and produce music, please listen to examples of music I have produced and read my short story to decide if I’m the right producer for you. If you dig my sound and approach Send me a meeting request.

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