By James Pew

I first heard Prolific around 2010 when a friend slipped me a copy of Think (Prolific’s first full length release). I immediately became a fan. I remember thinking Prolific belongs with the best in Canadian hip hop, artists like Shad, Buck 65, Classified and D-Sisive. I also remember thinking that I must work with this guy!

After a google search I found his email and contacted him right away. Prolific came to the studio about a year later and we had our first meeting. After tracking vocals over a couple random beats we decided to collaborate on a few songs basically from scratch. Prolific thought Studio 2.0 was the best way to proceed.

Prolific wrote some great rhymes and put together a few basic drum loops, bass lines, and sparse sound design to help set the mood of what we would be building on.

After adding guitar, bass, harmonies, percussion and tons more sound design we ended up with 3 songs fully complete and mastered just in time for Prolifics June 15th NXNE showcase.

Check out Divine Disrespect from Prolific’s 3P.

Or listen to Divine Disrespect on Sound Cloud.

Come by the show this Friday June 15th at Unlovable (1415-B Dundas West. Toronto). Prolific goes on at 9pm. Talk to Prolific before or after the show and he will give you a free CD of the new 3P!!!