S2.0 New Logo

Welcome Toronto Musicians

Hi this is James Pew owner and in-house producer of Euphonic Sound Recording Studio in Toronto. If you find yourself on this page than you received a message from me on facebook where I mentioned that,

1) I am looking for uniquely talented, innovative and eclectic indie recording artists to develop and produce.
2) My team and I have a unique approach to artist development. We call this Studio 2.0.

Please contact me by phone or email (416-303-3764 or james@euphonicsound.com) to book an appointment to discuss your musical project.

Regarding Production

We dedicate the resource of Euphonic Sound to your project. We don’t count studio hours. We take whatever time is necessary to achieve the best results. We do preproduction. Unlimited studio hours is not a problem when the creative chemistry between artist, producer, and engineer has been optimized. We track as much footage as necessary to get the best takes. We edit till the cows come home. We mix with inspiration. Mastering goes to Freddy.

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