I’m a music producer, recording engineer, studio musician, and arranger. I’m interested in developing talent and producing music. Most of my time is spent with musical story tellers (Singer/Songwriters, Rappers, or Bands). My team and I often provide the sound track (musical arrangement). I offer development/production packages to uniquely talented artists. If you are interested in discussing a music project please email a request to meet at the studio.

Listen to some examples of my production on Sound Cloud. Although the best stuff is unreleased (so come by the studio and I’ll give you a sample of what I’ve been working on lately). My Sound Cloud only features music that I have produced. But you can hear examples of some great projects that have been engineered at Euphonic Sound on Music Samples.

Here is some Information about guitar, theory, vocal, and recording arts lessons.

More Information

I work in a variety of North American genres (mostly Indie Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Hip Hop). I’ve engineered or produced hundreds of recordings featuring celebrated and award winning artists, under ground legends and unknown geniuses.

At the core of my production method is collaboration. Every production involves a unique team of session musicians, arrangers, producers and engineers.

My music production/artist development team is discussed below. I also regularly call on a host of highly in-demand A bass players & drummers, as well as a variety of gifted guitar players, horn players, string players, keyboard players etc. Each artists I work with requires a team with relative sensibilities. I choose specific musicians who I feel will best compliment the artists style and sound.

The Euphonic Sound House Band is made up of the following fine musicians:

James Pew is a multi instrumentalist who specializes in guitar. James is usually the arranger on the projects he produces at Euphonic Sound. In addition to guitar, James also regularly contributes percussion, bass, keys and harmony vocals to projects recorded at Euphonic Sound.

Brownman Ali is a Trinidadian-born, NYC schooled multi-award winning trumpet player. Brownman is one of the most recorded trumpet players in Canadian history. He has shared the stage and toured the world as a featured soloist with several world class acts including Guru’s JAZZMATAZZ. Heralded as “Canada’s preeminent jazz trumpeter” by New York City’s Village Voice magazine Brownman is nothing short than an international trumpet phenomenon. Brownman is extremely versatile and plays well on non-Jazz material too, his sound fits perfectly in the indie rock or folk singer/songwriter or hip hop worlds. He is always sensitive to the story being unraveled in the song and he stays true to the songwriters intentions and feeling about each tune.

Nicole Faye is a session vocalist as well as performer for several acclaimed acts including the Geroge St. Kitts band. Nicole’s extensive vocal range and ability coupled with her creativity are demonstrated by the hundreds of backup harmony vocal sections she has arranged and performed in various studios in the GTA. From Andreena Mill to God Made Me Funky to Snow and legions of underground RnB and hip hop tracks you’ve heard Nicole’s velvety smooth vocal virtuosity. In addition to features and back up harmony vocals Nicole offers vocal and performance coaching at Euphonic Sound.

Ian de Souza is one of the most in-demand bass players in the Toronto and Canadian scene. Born in Kampala , Uganda Ian has recorded and performed live in almost every musical idiom. His understanding of his instrument informed by the music of Africa with an equal dose of New York City , and over 20 years of experience, makes Ian one of the most sought after bassists in Canada .

Besides his 15-year association with Kevin Breit , Ian has worked with Jesse Cook, Melanie Doane, The Toronto Tabla Ensemble, African singers Jean-Christophe Matata and Ali Birra, Jamaican Jazz mainstays, steel-pan player Robbie Greenwich and Guitarist Maurice Gordon, and jazz sprawl singer Rita di Ghent.

Adam Campbell born in P.E.I Adam has a masters degree in Drums and Percussion. He is also a multi instrumentalist session musician. He tours extensively with critically acclaimed percussion orchestra Torq. Great examples of Adam-centric Euphoinc Sound collaborations are the acclaimed “We’re Not Lost” LP by independent folk artist Andrea Gauster and “Upon our Wonders” by new comer progressive acoustic punk artist Jenn Fiorentino. Example from both projects can be heard on my Sound Cloud.

Freddy Gabrsek
Freddy Gabrsek is a producer, multi instrumentalist and sound engineer. Freddy is a mixing and mastering engineer as well as the designer and builder of the Origin Audio line of high end analog recording devices used at Euphonic Sound.